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As Vadi Medikal, it provides a new convenience to its customers. He is now launching his wheelchair rental service. You can rent a wheelchair from our store located in the Vadistanbul campus.

kiralik tekerlekli sandalye

Wheelchair rental We care about diversity. You can rent a wheelchair in the size and dimensions you want in line with your needs.

With our Rental Wheelchair service, we take our service quality one step further by taking advantage of our short-term wheelchair service and serving our customers. Our primary goal is to provide you with a quality service.

Our Happy Customers

Rental Wheelchair Models

You can choose one of the rental wheelchair models we offer below.

battery powered wheelchair

Allure Powered Wheelchair Claret Red

suitable for overweight cases

Foldable Lightweight Lithium Battery Powered Wheelchair

it is a chair that fits any car with its small dimensions. Lightweight and easy to carry.

Easy Life basic foldable Battery Powered Wheelchair

It is a medium-weight chair. it is easy to carry.

manual wheelchairs for rent

Comfort Green Wheelchair Rental

It is very small, has a carrying capacity of 100 kg.It fits comfortably in the garage of all vehicles. It is very light.

Comfort Basic Wheelchair Rental

It has two colors. Black and Burgundy.It is a simple and light chair.It has a carrying capacity of 100 KG.

high quality foot lift wheelchair

This chair has a carrying capacity of 120 kg. Thanks to its apparatus, it keeps the feet in the air.

55 cm wide wheelchair for heavy persons

This chair is suitable for patients over 120KG. It can be used safely thanks to its thick body.

It is important for us to make the holidays as comfortable and high quality as possible for all our customers who come to visit Istanbul from many countries of the world, especially from the Gulf countries.

Vadimedical provides service with many types of medical products, as well as our range of wheelchairs for rent.

we provide trouble-free service
We want to provide a smooth experience to our guests who come to visit our country.

What are the Features of Rental Wheelchairs?

The wheelchairs we rent as Vadi Medikal are foldable and can be easily fit into almost all vehicles.

The wheelchair that we will recommend specifically for the weight and discomfort of our customer who will use the rental wheelchair may differ.

Kiralık tekerlekli sandalye

Our Overseas Rental Wheelchair Rental Service

We have a reservation service for our guests coming from abroad. We provide transportation to the hotel you want, from the airport or to the desired region in Istanbul.

For reservations and prices, you can get information from [email protected] or WhatsApp Line at +90 850 241 86 85.

What are the conditions for Renting a Wheelchair?

  • Minimum 7-day Rental Available.
  • Prices vary depending on the model you are renting.
  • You can rent the wheelchair you want from our store (without paying a fee) or by paying the transportation cost to the address you want.
  • The full price of the wheelchair you want to rent is collected, and the remaining amount is returned to your account or cash.
  • The clean and well-maintained use of the Rented Wheelchair is entirely the responsibility of the customers. If the wheelchair becomes unusable, a repair and maintenance fee may be charged. The lessee is the one who is responsible for the damages that may arise.

How Can You Rent a Wheelchair?

[email protected]
90 850 241 86 85
90 850 241 86 85
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